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Grant is an internationally recognised thought leader, trusted advisor and coach that focuses on enabling leaders to thrive in dynamic environments. 

The world is undergoing an enormous period of change – climatic, environmental, economic, political, technological and societal – a great transition. Grant has a deep appreciation of how this change is impacting people and organisations and helps them respond by providing coaching support grounded in knowledge and experience in the fields of Strategy, Leadership, Trust and Organisational development. 

Having worked across a wide range of environments  from the stifling jungle of West Africa, to the complexity of modern corporate and Government worlds, he has a broad worldview, rounded approach and a friendly warm style.

Grant's impact is enabling those around him to successfully master the Transition space, navigate the issues and challenges they face while contributing to a better world for future generations.

He is a director, writes regularly on Leadership and the Transition and enjoys training and coaching those dedicated to building a better world. If you are considering personal or group coaching as as opportunity then read on.  

What if you and your organisation got stronger as a result of actively working on Resilience and developing your role in Transition?

For over 20 years I've been helping people with whole systems based approaches to change and transition. Delivering successful change in complex environments is wonderfully rewarding and especially if it is going to deliver the kind of world our future generations need.

BUT, it is possible that your organisation or your own capabilities (that are working well right now) are not fit for the next cycle of evolution, this is a natural consequence of success.  The next cycle will be like no other before, so where to start? The stakes are high, future generations depend on what we do next.

Your journey might begin in a state of curiosity, change resistance, or with a confusing issue, and that’s fine because although the very first step can be difficult it is going to lead to a better world.

If you would like to be part of a select group of clients that enjoy high quality coaching support, lets talk and see if we are a match. Please pop your email in below and we will be in touch.

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Why I do what I do

Born in Petone New Zealand in the 1960’s, I spent my childhood growing up in a culturally diverse, working class community.  The ‘Village’ as it is known had a strong identity and was fiercely competitive in a range sports, (you got your first pair of rugby boots at 5 years old) Growing up with a motorcycle gang as neighbours and kids from all walks of life in the neighbourhood forged a roundness of character.

Through the 1980’s, supporting Greenpeace seemed like the right thing to do, but economic crisis in New Zealand ushered in a new economic era with the emergence of the financialised system and blatant disregard for planetary boundaries. All the while we harnessed even greater amounts of fossil fuel and created the Web and Globalism which in turn delivered enormous affluence. Perhaps we were collectively seduced into thinking that there couldn’t be some kind of reckoning day?

Around the time of the Millennium I began asking myself if and how might the world begin to head in a safer direction. Looking to begin a family, my partner and I wondered seriously about whether we should bring children into a world that seemed to be heading in the wrong direction. Part of doing so was a commitment to doing everything possible to make a positive difference in the world.

Fast forward 21 years and considerable progress is beginning to be made. Increasingly people are understanding that a significant Transition is underway and that the destination can be and must be better than what we have now. What we are doing in the developed world is unsustainable, I hope you will join me to help create the wonderful and healthy world our children and future generations deserve.

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