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Execute and Evolve is a programme that helps you deliver today and be ready for tomorrow. 

Leaders and teams that are able to deliver results and develop, can achieve satisfaction, recognition, enhanced career prospects - and are magnets for talent.

They learn faster, have more fun, achieve more, delight their customers, are future fit - and have work life balance. 

"Chance favours only the prepared mind"

Louis Pasteur

Future-proof with an Execute and Evolve programme.  

We all intend to deliver to plan, collaborate, be inclusive and a long list of others, but end up getting stuck - and it is more common than you might think! 


The reality is, things are complex now. Through no fault of our own - we can find ourselves not performing to our own and others expectations. It can be difficult to recognise the signs and acknowledge that we might be fighting a battle we dont understand the rules for.


Ensuring our capacity and capability is evolving at the rate of the environment is critical to our immediate and long term performance and ultimately to the organisations reputation and brand. A failure to invest and evolve effectively always catches up with us.


An Execute and Evolve programme - designed specifically for your situation, creates the right space for structured development of group capability, individual competency and delivery of successful outcomes.


Setup is easy

1. Schedule an appointment

2. Discovery and co design

3. Execute 


Delivery is convenient

  1. Face to Face

  2. Virtual - online

  3. Customised


Quality is assured

  1. Targeted, quality content

  2. Agile/Design built in

  3. Live reference sites


“Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Evolve to the next level - or take extra risk? 


Making sense of the changing context around us is a full time job. We can miss the cues to pivot, reprioritise, develop new competencies or take an opportunity to try new technology and approach - we all do it at some point.

And sometimes we get caught up with the next best methodology or fad - with blind faith and the passage of time we keep adding in more cost and complexity.

Or we may get complacent and overlook the need to establish effective relationships with other stakeholders in the first instance, getting caught up in our own internal dialogue and day to day issues.


Our response is often working harder, repeating what isn't working, or ignoring that we are continuously in high stress mode. Maybe we unwittingly end up in conflict with our collegues and business partners, or take frustration home.

With Execute and Evolve - your people will know you care about their future and delivering results:


  • Leading an engaged, energised and committed group - dealing with the real issues

  • Delighting customers through better innovation and production

  • Innovating sensible adjustments to mindset and practice

  • Developing new capability and retiring redundant capability

  • Working purposefully and inclusively

  • Building effective and productive relationships

  • Growing and developing leadership capability

  • Creating momentum with business partners

  • Clarity of prioritisation and planning

  • People knowing they are cared about and for

  • Less stress and frustration 

  • Work - Life balance

Want to know more about Execute and Evolve ?


Solutions for:

Senior leaders and teams

HR professionals

Specialist groups

Projects and programmes

Change management groups

(If you are interested in investing in Execute and Evolve for 2020 - lets talk soon, places are limited ) 

“Grant is a real asset and a forward thinker who always seems to be 2-3 steps ahead of most people. In times where you cannot afford to get bogged down in the current fires and you need to project your thinking into the future, Grant is your man.”

Dillip Kanji

National Manager - Construction Planning and Analysis at NBN Co Limited



Grant is passionate about his clients continuous development and delivery success through on the job learning.


Helping clients frustrated with the lack of impact of general training and cook book style approaches to development and change.


He has a unique ability to help his clients understand complex situations and challenges for themselves, work out what the practical next steps are and operationalise them. 


Having worked in diverse environments such as the: stifling jungle of West Africa, high pressured large scale civil engineering, construction and technology projects, fast paced R&D and startups, complex and political Government departments and the diverse world of corporate strategy and organisational development, Grant helps see things from a variety of perspectives - with optimism and pragmatism.


Appointed to New Zealand All of Govt. supplier panel for consulting services.